Provecho Press

Mission Statement

Provecho Press produces beautiful books by utilizing our unique skills and experience in a collaborative way. Drawing on the strengths of our experience, work ethic and integrity we strive to bring out the beauty and uniqueness in every project.

Eric Swanson

Eric Swanson is a freelance photographer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His diversity as a photographer allows him to work on a broad variety of projects. He is equally comfortable with still life, landscape, and portraiture. His feeling for light and composition is a continous thread through his photographs. He works for numerous magazines, advertising agencies, and publishers.

Maria Levy

Maria Levy is a graphic designer and sculptor living and working in Santa Fe, NM. Her love of the natural world is reflected in her organic and biomorphic sculptures. Her love of reading influenced her decision to study graphic design and become a book designer. She especially enjoys working on books about her favorite topics: art, fashion, food, children, jewelry. She also loves the process of distilling clients ideas and needs into visual form.